Glorfindel II

Character: Warrior/Sage Elf
Mind: 8
Direct Influence: 2
Marshalling Points: 3
Prowess/Body: 8/9

Unique. +1 Direct Influence against Elves.

Home site: Rivendell

This card has several useful features. The first of these is simple:8/9. Particularly the 8 part. This card has higher prowess than any othercharacter. Of course, that's its main feature, but still a most usefulone. It's as powerful as Treebeard, but infinitely better. This card's anescort-power card, but unlike the other escorts it's a character and youcan take it anywhere. Characters may seem weak compared to some hazards,but remember that characters get a roll added to their prowess whencomparing. So, this card can tie any non-enhanced hazard with a roll of 10and defeat any with 11 (except for the enhanced Shelob, which needs 11 and12 respectively when in its self-enhanced state). It can defeat themajority of them with just a 4 or so (the vast majority of hazardcreatures, not compensating for rarity, are 11 or below in prowess).

There's also the Sage skill, valuable if you put him in a company byhimself for his survival.

Plus, there's the little added feature of the +1D.I. for elves, though even 3 D.I. isn't that great (though it can controlAnnalena and Arwen, and Anborn, Bard Bowman, Beregond, Bergil, Bifur,Bofur, Damrod, Eowyn, Fili, Gamling the Old, Hama, Nori, Orophin, andWacho with 2, plus Barliman Butterbur, Bombur, Dori, Dwalin, Forlong,Halbarad, Malbung, and Ori with 1). Especially when you consider thedownside of this card, the 8 mind.

But, by my ratings that's only a -6,meaning it costs 6 mind by itself including transferred mind to othercharacters, which isn't that bad (even better controlling an elf, for -5instead). And the 8/9 is well worth it.

I wonder why they choseGlorfindel, though, as the best prowess in a character - there's plenty ofcharacters who I'd say should be higher. He did kill a Balrog, butstill...

Back to the review, there is one more important feature ofGlorfindel. The 3 marshalling pts. It's as many as a lot of the factions,and easier to get out than many of them. Overall, this card is anexcellent character, especially if you play with lots of Elves, andbelongs in almost any deck.

Ratings for: GLORFINDEL II

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