Character - Warrior/Ranger/Sage/Diplomat Wizard
Mind: 0
Direct Influence: 10
Marshalling Points: 0
Prowess/Body: 6/9

Unique. His controlling player may keep one more card than normal in his hand. Opponent must discard his cards face-up.

Home site: Grey Havens

This is THE WORST of the five Wizards. His two abilities are incredibly weak compared to those of the others. About his only good features are the ones all Wizards have: 6/9, 10 d.i., lots of skills, etc. But other than that, his abilties aren't particularly good. The only reason you'd possibly want one of these in your deck is if you only buy one starter and want two different wizards. Other than that, it's pointless. A wasted wizard. Should have made him better, more fitting with the other four.

Let's go over his two skills. The first is that his controller gets to keep one more card than normal in hand. Note that it's MAY, not MUST, so if any cards appear (or are already out there that I'm unaware of) that damage you for having your hand the wrong size (like Black Vice and Rack in Magic) it doesn't have to happen, though then you have even less of a reason to keep him.

I'd personally go with one of the three "Elven-Kings" - Cirdan, Elrond, or Galadriel, all of whom have this skill and let you put in a Wizard as well. The other skill, almost pointless, is that your opponent has to discard his cards face-up. So what? This isn't like Go Fish or some game where you can get his discards. All it does is show you how good his hand is (by how good a card has to be to be worth keeping) and he can bluff about that if this card's out.

So, his two abilities stink. His mix of skills is okay, I suppose, Scout isn't that great a skill, but they aren't enough to compensate for his really bad abilities. Overall, this card is the worst of the Wizards, practically unworthy of the title, and does NOT belong in your deck.

Ratings for: PALLANDO

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