Aware of their Ways

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Aware of their Ways - Resources - Short-event
Opponent reveals four cards at random from his discard pile. You may choose a non-unique one and remove it from play. Opponent discards the other three.

This card has a fairly limited use. It can be quite useful in a long game, if you can get the right card.

Simply, this takes a non-unique card out of circulation from your opponent's deck. However, chances are, your opponent will probably have two or three of any non-unique card you would want to get rid of. Not to mention, it is only useful in longer games.

What good can this card achieve, though? If played early enough in the game, you can catch your opponent as he plays something that you don't want to see again. This can lower the number of Thorough Searches your opponent can play in the next cycle, or make sure your opponent won't get that Sword of Gondolin that was lost in the corruption check. This card can also get rid of hazards too, weeding out Slayers and Cave-drakes that have hit you. However, this is only useful if you are playing a two deck or longer game or if your opponent heavily uses An Unexpected Outpost or Smoke Rings. Another potential use for this card is if your opponent grabs five hazards from his sideboard. If this is done early enough, you may be able to snag one of his new cards that he brought in to deal with your deck.

Or you might not. This card does not allow you to pick any discarded card, you just get four random cards to chose from. Especially late in the game, your only choices may be cards you don't mind letting your opponent keep or you might pull four unique cards. Thus, this card is best used if your opponent plays a card you don't like early on (or with the help of Pallando, he discards early a card he needs for a later combo).

The time issue is also a major factor. This card is hardly at all useful in one-deck games, and most two-deck games I have played end shortly after someone cycles, giving a low percentage chance that the card you removed would turn up again. So this deck is most useful if you are planning on playing a long game, so that your creatures can only be concealed 6 times instead of 9 (or something similar).

Thus Aware of their Ways is a card most useful if you plan on playing three and four deck games, which all though they are fun, are not as common as one- and two-deck games. Hmmm, wonder how long a five-deck game would last :-)

Ratings for Aware of their Ways:
Isildur: 3.5
Frodo: 4.0
Samwise: 6.1
Wormtongue: 3.5
Legolas: 6.0
Strider: 6.5
Gandalf: 8.0
Average: 6.3

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