Magic Ring Of Courage

Resource: Special Item
Marshalling Points: 3
Corruption Points: 2

Magic Ring. Playable only with a Gold Ring and after a test indicatesMagic Ring. Gives the bearer warrior skill. If the bearer is alreadya warrior, he gets +2 to prowess. May not be duplicated on a givencharacter.

Not exactly the best type of Ring, but one of the most interesting.Basically these rings (talking for all of them and not just this one) giveyou any of the five skills you want. Particularly useful are some of therare ones, like Diplomacy (Magic Ring of Words) which can be used, amongother things, for Old Friendship (great card, but it requires diplomacy).Unlike all the other rings, it does not have any standard statisticsmodifiers, other than the 3 marshalling pts. and the 2 corruption pts. Theonly one it does have (in this ring, anyway) is the +2 prowess. This isuseful, but not as much as some ring modifiers. So the main one is theskills. Here's a list of all the resources that require each skill (thenumber in brackets is the number of characters and allies who have eachskill):

Warrior: Black Arrow, Block, Great-Shield of Rohan (not required, but addsadditional skills), Hauberk of Bright Mail, Lucky Strike, Muster, RiskyBlow, Sword of Gondolin. (49)

Scout: Concealment, Hiding, Lucky Search, Morannon (among otherrequirements, it's a very interesting card), Stealth, Thorough Search.(28)

Sage: Align Palantir, Anduril, Book of Mazarbul (gives extra benefits),Dreams of Lore, Far-Sight, Palantir of Elostirion (gives extra benefits),Reforging, Ringlore, Secret Entrance (adds extra skills), Test of Form,Test of Lore, The White Tree, Use Palantir.(23)

Ranger: Anduin River, Ash Mountains, Ford, Misty Mountains, Mountains ofShadow, White Mountains. (20)

Diplomat: Eagle-mounts, Lordly Presence, New Friendship, Old Friendship. (23)

Though Warrior is the second most used skill, it's also by far the mostcommon, making this card not that useful. So, overall this card's not toogreat, there's easier ways to get 2 prowess and warrior skill is worthalmost nothing, so it's only good for the M.P. (and there are factionseasier to get out than this).

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