More Alert Than Most

Dark Minions had several cards that worked wonders to hose earlier strategies. One of these cards is

More Alert Than Most - Resource - Permanent-event
The number of strikes of any attack that chooses defending characters is reduced by one (to a minimum of one) - by 2 if Gates of Morning is in play. Discard when such an attack is defeated. Cannot be duplicated.

Well, in the right deck, this can give a definite advantage to one player, although somewhat temporary. This card has caused many people to drop from their decks many of the formerly great creatures like Cave-drake. "Attacker chooses defender" decks were probably in the top five on any list of good hazard portions (it was the winning deck in the national championship, IIRC). They have the ability to take down the characters that your opponent is trying to protect, and so doing, avoid giving him many MPs. This card makes those decks not as strong, but I don't think it will stop them from being played.

This is one card that benefits from Gates of Morning. However, if you don't put Gates in your deck, you can assume it won't be out. If you want to keep Gates around, you had better keep a Twilight handy too. This card works well without Gates, though. There are about 18 attacks normally affected by this card, and only a few of them have three strikes (and thus hurt by gates). However, there are several cards that increase the strikes of creatures, so a few more creatures (like Pick-pocket) are added. Plus, this card makes a Fell-beasted Nazgul only have one strike instead of two, quite a bit more manageable.

This card is, however, discarded when an attacker-chooses attack is defeated. However, the idea behind playing most of the attacker-chooses creatures, is that you can attack the characters without much of a chance of defeating the strike. Thus, unless your opponent throw an easy creature at one of your big fighters, you can guess that More Alert Than Most will stay around for most of the game.

The only other drawback is that it helps your opponent too if you are playing with attacker-chooses creatures, so you should only put this card in your deck if it won't hurt your own hazarding. More Alert Than Most is a card that, while it won't shut down certain creatures, it will cause them to do less damage to your companies.

Ratings for More Alert Than Most:
Isildur: 7.5
Farmer Maggot: 8.5
Gandalf: 7.5
Frodo: 7.0
Strider: 5.5
Legolas: 5.0
Eonwe: 8.0
Wormtongue: 6.0
Average: 6.9

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