When you are under the shadow, it may be a good idea to take a lantern along.

Noldo-lantern - Resource - Special Item 2 MP - 2 CP
Playable at any Under-deep site. +2 to all rolls required for bearer's company to move to an adjacent site in the Under-deeps. Tap Noldo-lantern to give -2 prowess and one less strike (to a minimum of one) to any Undead, Nazgul, Orc, or Troll attack.

Well, after yesterday's Under-deeps site, here's a little something to aid your journies in the Under-deeps. It can aid in non-under-deeps missions as well, but that's not as practical.

First, Noldo-lantern give +2 to rolls to move between Under-deeps. This isn't as high as Secret Ways, but it also doesn't help your opponent and it's permanent. It can also be duplicated or added to Dwarven Light Stone to make Under-deeps travelling easier than above-deeps travelling. This can be a great help, as speed can be everything, and if your surface site is tapped, it could take a long time before you can get above ground.

It's got another nifty ability in it's attack-reducing feature. You can lower several of the attacks most commonly found as auto-attacks in prowess by two and in strikes by one. This can make a formidable Olog-hai become a less formidable 8/5 with 2 strikes (for two MPs). Or you can reduce a Barrow-wight to 10 prowess, not quite as dangerous. And if you're spelunking, you might want to use it to make the auto-attacks a bit tamer. A plus is that the +2 to movement modifier works even while the Lantern is tapped.

It's got some other features too. It's got a 2/2 MP:CP ratio, which isn't sterling, but it's better than, say, Wizard's Ring. Another feature is that it's not unique, so you can have three and your opponent can have three and you're all happy. It's one disadvantage is that it's only playable in the Under-deeps, although it can be played along with something like Aiglos or Dragon-helm or Orcrist. But if you're in the Under-deeps anyway...

You might want to give the Noldo-lantern to a Hobbit to avoid corruption problems while everybody gets other items while they're all spelunking. So Noldo-lantern (like its similar card Dwarven Light Stone) is a good card to take along on your trips to the Under-deeps, although if you aren't planning on spending much time down there you might want to seek for an easier 2 MPs (Torque of Hues has a better ability...).

Ratings for Noldo-lantern:
Isildur: 6.5
Farmer Maggot: 8.0
Gandalf: 5.5
Frodo: 8.5
Strider: 5.0
Legolas: 8.0
Eonwe: 8.0
Samwise: 7.9
Wormtongue: 6.5
Average: 7.1

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