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Sage only, only playable at a site where "Information" is playable, and only if a character in his company has a Gold Ring. Play to test a Gold Ring. No roll (or draw) is used. The player may replace the Gold Ring with any ring from his hand (except The One Ring).

This is pretty much the best method of getting non-The One rings out. Information is pretty easy to play, just use The Wind Throne which is included in every starter (only 3 7-prowess strikes, pretty easy). And this card absolutely GUARANTEES that you get the ring out. No tests, no dice rolls, no anything, just an automatic bring-out.

The only case not to use this with these is with a Lesser Ring and a testing card in hand, since that's also guaranteed and saves you the trouble of going to an Information site. The only thing you need is a Sage, one of the most common skills for characters and allies.

This card can't really be rated in terms of advantages and disadvantages, because there are none of the second (except The One Ring thing, I'm getting to that) and only one of the first. The ability, of course, quite significantly increases the usefulness of Rings. It also could make a good combo card if you have a few (especially in combo with a Durin's tribe Dwarf ring - I'm doing it in about two weeks) of them in hand and a few rings and you play them all at once, or almost all at once anyway, immediately supercharging your party.

There is, however, one disadvantage to this card. You can't use it with the most sought after ring, The One Ring. Though this is more of a pessimistic disadvantage - "It can't do The One Ring," or "It can do the other three types." But overall, this is a great card, extremely useful in any ring deck.

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