Lesser Ring

Resource: Special Item
Marshalling Points: 2
Corruption Points: 1
Other bonuses: +2 direct influence

Lesser Ring. Playable only with a Gold Ring and after a test indicates Lesser Ring. +2 to direct influence.

Pretty nice, considering all its features and its usability compared to the other rings. It has three features, and one very slight problem.

First, its main bonus, +2 to direct influence. Not that great, but an extra 2 can entirely control several characters. And it's also great for just a little extra bonus on Wizards or characters with just 1 D.I. who you want to control some reasonably good character.

Second, the marshalling points. About as many points as some factions and about the same difficulty in bringing out, too.

That brings me right into the third, and (to me) main feature of this card: how incredibly easy it is to bring out. You're automatically successful in testing this, so there's no difficulty there, and it isn't as much of a hindrance as the other rings either. And it's always good to have one around in case you don't have any of the other cards okay in a test, to get some use out of any Gold Ring item.

There's only one bad feature, the corruption, and that's almost good since it's only 1 point. Since Lesser Ring is non-unique, you can have 3 of these out simultaneously (I think), and they make a convenient accessory for almost any character. So, overall this is a moderately good card, especially considering how easy it is to use.

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