And Forth He Hastened

Much of the time, METW is a race, your characters racing to get to the free council first and with the most. That's why it can be a great thing to hasten forth

And Fort He Hastened - Resource - Short-event
Untap a character in your Wizard's company.

Fairly simple. There aren't many cards that untap a character, and even fewer that are short-events. This card can greatly help your speed, both in the fact that you now have an extra character ready to do something during the site phase or to redefend the company, but this card has a high frequency of play possibility, so you can play it to draw an additional card.

The uses for this card are numerous. It can be used in a deck where you plan on having a few big characters and some small ones. You can use this card to untap someone like Glorfindel to valiantly protect the hobbits from another troll attack. Or you can use this card to untap a character in the site phase for thoroughly searching or just to play a card after you get all tapped out.

This card is also almost crying out "use me to untap your wizard!" This can be very beneficial. You can have Alatar teleport somewhere and take a strike and then untap him to play something in the site phase. Or you can untap Gandalf and test two rings in a turn. Or tap Saruman to do something during movement/hazard phase and then untap him to bring a spell back or use a palantir. Or use any wizard to face two strikes or a strike and play a faction.

There is a bad point or two though. Mainly, you must have your wizard in the company in order to play this card. While most people play a wizard (for strategies thereof see review #251), some don't and it's also sometimes a while before you can get your wizard into play. One way to circumvent this is to play your wizard at the start with the optional wizard as starting characters rule (I sometimes like to start Radagast and Glorfindel). Also, if you have separate companies, you can only play this card on one of them.

Other than that, And Forth He Hastened is a fairly useful card for speeding up your deck.
Ratings for And Forth He Hastened:
Isildur: 7.0
Frodo: 8.0
Farmer Maggot: 7.0
Gandalf: 6.0
Legolas: 9.0
Strider: 8.0
Wormtoungue: 5.0
Samwise: 8.2
Average: 7.3

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