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Dwarven Ring of Thelor's Tribe

Resource: Special Item
Marshalling Points: 4(6)
Corruption Points: 3(5)

Other bonuses: +2(7) direct influence, +2(4) prowess, +1 body

Unique. Dwarven Ring. Playable only with a Gold Ring and after a test indicates a Dwarven Ring. Values in parentheses apply to a Dwarf bearer. Tap a Dwarf bearer to search your play deck and/or discard pile for any one or two minor items; place these items in your hand and reshuffle your play deck. Bearer makes a corruption check modified by +2.

Pretty nice, especially if you like using Dwarves. For a couple of things with them, it's actually BETTER than The One Ring (namely in direct influence and corruption), and it's equal in marshalling points. Also, it's a lot easier to get out, especially if you have Ringlore (a card I'm reviewing in a few days). BTW, since it's pointless to play this on a non-dwarf bearer with so many dwarves available, I'm reviewing it with its Dwarven stats.

Basically, in most features all the Dwarven Rings are roughly the same, except usually one unique feature. But before we get to that feature, let's do a general thing on Dwarven Rings. First, the 6 marshalling points. Great. See The One Ring for details. Second, the direct influence. SEVEN direct influence changes your mediocre influence dwarf into a full wizard in terms of power. Once again, see The One Ring for more (in fact, most of these are elaborated in The One Ring).

Also, there's the prowess, almost as good as The One Ring for dwarf bearers (in some ways, better, since there's no limit). The body is barely worth mention, 1 point won't help you much generally. Finally, there's the marshalling points. These are useful, same ways as The One Ring (once again). I'm just referring back to The One Ring to save you time in getting this article, since all I'd otherwise do is just paste it in from that issue.

Finally, there's the main (and unique) feature of this card. It's not as good as some, for instance, Durin's (which UNTAPS A SITE, I'm reviewing it shortly), but still okay if you have lots of items. Minor items aren't that useful, but getting two of them instantly is nothing to sneeze at. And the corruption check afterwards is minor, considering it's +2.

There is, however, as in The One Ring, one bad thing about this card. The corruption. 5 corruption points can put a damper on anyone's fun. If you don't have much else on a Dwarf bearer, this isn't that bad though. There's two other problems. One is getting it out, not a problem with Ringlore. The other, more troublesome one, is the Dwarf need. Personally, I like Dwarves, and keep a few in my deck, but some people don't, and for those people I wouldn't put this card in. Therefore, overall it's a great card if you have dwarves in your deck, but a good deal less useful otherwise.

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