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Character - Warrior/Scout/Sage/Diplomat Wizard
Mind: 0
Direct Influence: 10
Marshalling Points: 0
Prowess/Body: 6/9

Unique All of his corruption checks are modified by +1. Can tap to "test" a gold ring. Home site: Any Haven

Gandalf is an interesting wizard, one who greatly benefitted from the release of Dragons. Dragons demoted Radagast somewhat from his top position among the wizards to not being so high, kicking up Gandalf to an amazing 1st place, because of Pallando of course being simply awful, Radagast worse as I just mentioned, Saruman now duplicated with Wizard's Staff, and Alatar just not that useful with the more deadly hazards in Dragons and the upcoming Dark Minions. His corruption check enhancer is extremely useful and with the lessening numbers of some nasties like Nazgul in most decks his gold ring testing is even more useful than it was in Wizards (though this may change in Dark Minions). His ability to pop up anywhere is also useful, as are the cards that only he can use (mainly Narya, though that isn't too useful, but I hope to see more in Dark Minions). And the only skill he's missing is Ranger, one of the least useful skills (not many cards use it and those that do most aren't that good). Finally, he's just plain cool. I'm naturally prejudiced (since he is my namesake after all, at least for the COTD), but even without that he was the key figure in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, played a pivotal role in destroying the ring (it was really his quest, even though much of the glory went to Frodo and Sam), and in general did a really good job of accomplishing his quest. Gandalf is useful in almost any deck, particularly ring ones because of his ring testing ability, but even without those he's a pretty nice Wizard to have. So overall Gandalf is an excellent Wizard, probably the best one out now, well worth putting in most decks.

Well, that's it. Goodbye, everyone, and thanks for reading. Hopefully I'll be talking to you again fairly soon with my little "project" to determine the next COTD baron. Until then, live long and prosper. (Yes, I know it's the wrong series, but I'm a Trekkie in addition to a ME fan and I've always wanted to close something with that).

Ratings for: GANDALF
Tom Bombadil6.5

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