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Hazard: Creature

Marshalling points: 6
Prowess/Body: 18/8

Unique. May be played at Gold Hill. Dragon. Three strikes. If Doors of Night is in play, may also be played keyed to Withered Heath, Iron Hills, Northern Rhovanion, Grey Mountain Narrows; may also be played at sites in these regions.

Itangast makes a fitting end to our many many reviews of hazards. It's the most powerful creature in the game, tied with Shelob and Khamul the Easterling, and has power to spare from it. Any non-enhanced character with 5 or less prowess is automatically wounded by this, with just 1 point more or prowess you can extend that to 6-prowess characters and therefore wizards. With strategic play of cards like Deftness of Agility and Subtlety of Guile (for an extra strike and a -2 to body against just one specific character, giving a pretty good chance they're going to die) you can really make Itangast into something to be feared. Never mind with things like Dragon's Desolation to give this card free run of Middle-Earth etc. So Itangast really is a great creature to have around. Liz Danforth's excellent artwork (same quality as my favorite piece ever, Khamul the Easterling, IMHO) also complements this nicely. As for uses: the best use for Itangast is, of course, in a dragon deck. The more enhancers, the better, three 18-prowess strikes are not something to be wasted needlessly. And without enhancers or Doors of Night Itangast is only playable at his one site, the most difficult in the game to get a Greater Hoard Item (biggest attack etc.). Itangast is also useful by itself in your sideboard, so if your opponent starts running around getting Hoard Items in the Northeast you have something sinister to pull on them. Overall, Itangast is an excellent Dragon, one of the best in the game, well worth including in your Dragon or even non-Dragon deck.
Ratings for: ITANGAST
Gandalf10.0Farmer Maggot9.9

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