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Half an Eye Open

Hazard: Short-Event

Playable on a Dragon or Drake attack (before the strikes are assigned). Attacker may choose defending non-wizard character to face the first strike assigned from the attack. Alternatively, it may be revealed as an on-guard card when a burglary attempt is announced - this attempt is modified by -5.

Half an Eye Open has two abilities, both not too great but still possibly useful. The first of these is choosing a defending character for the first strike of a Dragon or Drake attack. That ability is practically useless. The character you're attacking has to be a defender anyway, or else you can't choose them, so it doesn't have the power of attacker-chooses-defenders (or even anywhere neare it). The only possible use of this is with card that modify one strike of an attack but not others. But even those usually let you choose the strike, so this card really doesn't help much. The other ability of this card is to modify burglary attempts by -5 as an on guard card. While it is a significant modifier for burglary attempts, they don't happen that often (in my experience anyway), so this card would only get occasional use for that ability. But against decks with lots of Hobbits trying to burgle items out of the dragons this card is useful, so I suppose it could make a good sideboard. That, and using it in a few very specific combos are about the only possible uses I can see for it. Overall, Half an Eye open is a mediocre card which you really shouldn't bother with in most decks.
Ratings for: HALF AN EYE OPEN
Gandalf3.5Farmer Maggot5.5

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