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Winged Cold-Drake

Hazard: Creature

Marshalling points: 1
Playable at: Wilderness(3)
Prowess/Body: 13/-

Drake. Two Strikes. Attacker chooses defending characters. Three wildernesses in site path are required.

If it weren't for the three wilderness requirement, Winged Cold-Drake would be one of the best creatures out there. It's as powerful as some Dragons, with two strikes and attacker-chooses-defenders, and only gives one marshalling point to your opponent if they do manage to kill it. Best of all, it's a Drake, which gives it many of the hazard enhancers of Dragons without too many cancellers etc. from resources. So this card is really very good. As for uses: the main use of this is against an opponent who's going through a lot of wildernesses. This includes Hoard Item, Radagast, and Rivendell (all sites with Rivendell as the nearest haven) decks. It can also work well against decks which don't have lots of wildernesses, with some strategically played terrain changers. If you don't want to pack terrain changers you can put this card in your sideboard and release it as necessary depending on your opponent's strategy. The best characters to utilize this against are Hobbits and other characters ripe for assasination, since they won't have any characters to take the hit for them because it's attacker-chooses-defenders. One last use for this is as a backup to a Dragon strategy. If your opponent ends up not going to any of the Dragon-infested areas, you can use this card and still get some of your Dragon enhancers your deck is crammed with. Overall, Winged Cold-Drake is an excellent card to use against wilderness decks or to nicely complement Dragon strategies.
Gandalf7.0Farmer Maggot8.8

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