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Not at Home

Resource: Short-Event

Cancel on Dragon, Drake, or Troll automatic-attack or attack keyed to a site. Alternatively, if Gates of Morning is in play, reduce the number of strikes of any automatic-attack by 2 (to a minimum of one).

Not at Home takes two very nasty types of attack and a fairly nasty one and gives you the ability to cancel them. It also has a useful reducer for automatic-attack strikes, though that's less useful since it requires Gates of Morning. Let's look at the actual uses. The main use of this card is, of course, as an attack canceller. It provides a quick and easy way to cancel some nasty attacks. While it may not work on some creatures like Nazgul, it does work on two of the most powerful types: Drakes and Dragons. You can throw a couple of these in any deck using Dragon lairs extensively to get Hoard items etc., and make your trips there much safer. Even better, play Gates of Morning just before you start your Dragon quests, then use this card to lower the auto-attacks too and let you carry along someone like Fram Framson to defeat them all. And that brings us to the other use: hurting auto-attacks. That works on any auto-attack site (except that you need GoM in play to use it), and lets you make dangerous sites like Barad-Dur that little bit safer. That's really about it. Overall, Not at Home is a handy attack canceller that can help out quite a bit in some of those nasty Dragon areas.
Ratings for: NOT AT HOME
Gandalf8.0Farmer Maggot9.0

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