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Subtlety of Guile

Hazard: Short-Event

The body of one non-Wizard character wounded by a Dragon attack is lowered by 1 until the end of the turn. Alternatively, lowers the body of one non-Wizard character wounded by a manifestation of Itangast by 2 until the end of the turn, or lowers the body of each non-Wizard character in a company facing an attack by a manifestation of Itangast by one until the end of the turn. Cannot be duplicated on a given character or company.

Dragon-specific modifiers are an interesting lot, usually providing some kind of enhancement to a Dragon attack and an increased version of it (often changing from a 1-character target to the whole company) for one specific Dragon. Each Dragon has one of these, and the Dragon often called most powerful, Itangast (though I'd say Smaug is better, opinions vary), has Subtlety of Guile. Subtlety of Guile provides a lowering of a character's body until the end of the turn, by 1 point in most Dragons or 2 with Itangast. It can also apply to the whole company with Itangast as the dragon. Since it applies until the end of the turn, one strategy with this immediately comes to mind: one-two punch. You can start out a set of attacks on a company with Itangast, then after he's been through and gotten a -2 for the rest of the turn on a character bring in another Dragon or maybe some Nazgul (though there aren't that many places you can play both Dragons and Nazgul). You can take advantage of the lower body with various different strategies to execute characters. Some possible routes to Mordor do include areas Dragon's Desolation or Rumor of Wealth would apply and allow play of a Dragon, or if not those Frenzy of Madness or Fever of Unrest. The Mordor advantage with this card is that anyone going to Mordor (at least until Dark Minions comes out and we're all doing quests to Barad-Dur or Shelob's Lair) is probably carrying The One Ring, and killing them will either damage or destroy your opponent's plans for victory. The main thing this card can't do, and it is a significant disadvantage, is that this card can't be used on a Wizard, whether it's individually targeted or targeted to the whole company. So that removes your Wizard-killing strategy potential from this card. Still, overall Subtlety of Guile is a nice Itangast enhancer that can be very useful against Ring or Hoard Item decks.
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