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Rumor of Wealth

Hazard: Short-Event

Playable on a Ruins & Lairs that is not a Dragon's lair. Any one Dragon hazard creature (except Earcaraxe) may be played (and does not count against the hazard limit) at the site during the site phase this turn after the successful play of a major or greater item.

Rumor of Wealth is an excellent card to use for significantly expanding the range of Dragons. It allows them to be played at any non-Dragon lair (which you probably wouldn't care about much anyway with this ability) Ruins & Lairs after play of a major or greater item. This opens up quite a few possibilities. One of these is catching your opponent early on, when his companies are weak. There are some items it can't work on, but others it perfectly well can. One of those that can't is Torque of Hues, which needs to be played successfully like any item for the Dragon attack to be available, and once that happens it can be freely used to cancel the Dragon attack, probably the only one they'll face in the site phase after successful play of an item (and therefore defeat of the auto-attack). But all sorts of items can have this happen to them, like Scroll of Isildur in ring decks. Or The Iron Crown. There are others, too. And now playing them at a Ruins & Lairs (the most common site type) causes a very major threat. It doesn't even make them count against the hazard limit, so not only do you get to play a Draon, you get to play them for free. Clearly it's very useful. The one problem with this card is that there's something better: Dragon's Desolation. Dragon's Desolation covers 29 different sites with Doors of Night out, and a large number even without it. That gives you a much better chance of succeeding than this card does. Still, overall Rumor of Wealth is a nice way to get some extra range out of those souped-up Dragons.
Ratings for: RUMOR OF WEALTHs
Gandalf5.5Farmer Maggot10.0

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