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Dragon's Hunger

Resource: Short-Event

Playable on a Dragon or Drake attack. If one is available, opponent must discard a hazard creature from his hand; this reduces the company's hazard limit by one. Otherwise, the attack is cancelled.

Dragon's Hunger is an excellent way to harm your Dragon-playing opponent's whole strategy. It either forces him to discard a hazard creature and reduce your hazard limit, or cancel the attack. Either way you get quite a lot from playing this card. The first ability is probably the more useful of the two. If you're going into Dragon territory and your opponent has attacked you with a Dragon or Drake, you can play this to get rid of another one. This helps to make those areas a bit safer, especially when this card is played in series (so Palantiri can be a valuable help for timing, letting you see your opponent's hand and know what they're planning). And apparently from the card's text you can play three of these on just one Dragon or Drake attack, it doesn't have any "Cannot be duplicated on a given attack" or anything like that. And not only does it eliminate one threat, it makes another one not playable by reducing the hazard limit. It can also even be useful in One Ring decks, so if your opponent slips up and plays a Drake on your way to Mordor you can kill off his Nazgul he's been hiding in his hand. The second ability is more of a fallback one, good if you don't have Palantiri to still get something out of this card. But otherwise Torque of Hues is probably a better bet in most circumstances. Overall, Dragon's Hunger is an excellent card to include against opponents using Dragons (good for sideboards, too).
Ratings for: DRAGON'S HUNGERs
Gandalf8.5Farmer Maggot7.5

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