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Song of the Lady

Hazard: Long-Event

At the end of the organization phase, each company at Lorien that wishes to move must make a roll (or draw a #). This roll is modified by: -1 if company contains any Men, -1 if company contains any Hobbits, +2 if company contains any Dwarves. If the result is less than 7, the company may not move this turn.

Song of the Lady is a great card to use in any hazard strategy which involves slowing down your opponent. It also slows you down, however, so you have to plan around it. Its basic effect is simply to create a fairly sizable chance of a company not being able to leave Lorien and being forced to remain there for a turn. Just to give you some quick statistics, the chances of the company being forced to remain range from 1/6 to 13/18 (about 17% to 72%). So it varies from company to company, which also creates a method for you to mostly avoid this card's effects. The main situation to use this card is when your companies are harmed very little by it while your opponent's are harmed a lot. This means that your company should probably contain at least one Dwarf, and maybe not have either Hobbits or Men in it (though that situation is pretty rare, you can pull it off with some marshalling point strategies). And your opponent's company, preferably a ring one since those are the most likely to have Hobbits, should not have Dwarves, and hopefully have Hobbits and Men. This makes the perfect situation to play this card. It cuts off your opponent from the main gateway to the entire East of Middle-Earth, or when they do go there often forces them to wait an extra turn or two before leaving. This can make a valuable difference in time for you, and definitely helps counter decks which depend on speed to win. Overall, Song of the Lady is a great card for almost any slowdown hazard strategy or to use against almost any speed deck.
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Gandalf8.0Farmer Maggot6.5

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