Precious Gold Ring

Resource:Gold Ring Item
Marshalling Points: 1
Corruption Points: 1

Discard Precious Gold Ring when tested. If tested, make a roll (or draw a #) to determine which ring card may be immediately played:
The One Ring (10,11,12+); a Dwarven Ring (8,9,10,11,12+); a Magic Ring (1,2,3,4,5); a Lesser Ring (any result).

I can't really say, "Wow!", or anything like that, because there's not much of a point of reference. Among the 3 gold ring items, this is probably the best unless you're trying to get out a Magic Ring, in which case Beautiful Gold Ring is best. By the regular scales of cards, this is a perfectly bland card - the 1 marshalling point is roughly equal in value to the one corruption point, so the two balance out. The main thing, however, is the numbers after the ring types.

I suppose I should first give a brief explanation of how rings work. To bring a ring into play, you must first bring in a Gold Ring Item like this one at an appropriate site. Then you test it, with a variety of different cards which each obtain their number slightly differently (from 2 rolls, choosing which one to use to 1 roll with 1 point subtracted from the roll, to bringing any one into play except The One). But they all in the end get you a number. Then you may play a Special Item Ring (a ring that's a special item) of the type allowed by the gold ring card. Since there are various cards that can modify the roll, 12+ counts for a little more than a regular number since if you got a 12 modified by +2 then you can only use it if the ring's OK with 12+. Though 12 by itself doesn't count for much becuse it's one of the least likely dice rolls. So, this card's the best available for The One Ring and Dwarven rings, and since those are (IMHO) the most powerful, it's the best Gold Ring.

Of course, over the next 6 reviews I'll be doing all four types of ring, plus two ways of testing them (and maybe I'll throw in a bonus idea, think back to the poem to see which type of ring doesn't exist yet in the game...). But, anyway, overall this is a necessary card in ring decks, and pointless otherwise (unless you're REALLY desparate for marshalling points).


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