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More Sense than You

Resource: Short-Event

Playable before strikes are assigned on an untapped character or ally whose company is facing an attack. Tap target character or ally. He may not be assigned a strike from this attack.

More Sense than You is a great card to play in many situations where your characters would otherwise be in danger. It prevents them from being assigned a strike from an attack. There are many fascinating uses for this, but also one major rules question which I'll say immediately. What happens in the case of only one character in a company? It's perfectly OK by this card to play it on him, he can't be assigned strikes, so what happens to the attack's strikes? My guess is that the attack is just cancelled, but ICE may have different views on this. But getting on to the card's uses, the main places to play it, as with many cards, are Mordor and Dragon Country. Nazgul with Fell Beast are all attacker-chooses-defenders, as are several of the Dragons, and since those creatures have both that and very high prowesses (and are therefore very dangerous) their attacks are perfect prey for this card. So keeping a few of these in hand when travelling somewhere dangerous (and playing them on your Wizard and/or Hobbits when facing a big attack) is a good idea. There is one condition, however, to this card's play: the character you play it on has to be untapped. So you can't play this to help those wounded characters out, and you can't use it to alternate your defenders (i.e. once Glorfindel's tapped out from one Nazgul give him a break and make the Dragon face Fram Framson instead). But it still can be useful in a wide variety of situations, as a protector and general aide. So overall, More Sense than You is an extremely useful card to protect your more important characters from dangerous attacks.
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