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Washed and Refreshed

Resource: Short-Event

Playable at the end of the organization phase on a moving company. When the company's new site is revealed, the company may untap a number of characters equal to the number of regions less than four in its site path.

Washed and Refreshed has a very interesting concept, which isn't really that useful but is interesting nonetheless. Its main purpose is to untap characters, like several other cards we've reviewed this week (it's coincidence, I didn't plan to do all these untappers but it just happened), which in this case happens as a result of moving less than four regions (you can untap a character for each region less than four, but you have to be moving). This would be a good idea, except that it happens right when the new site is revealed. This is after the organization phase, and the untap phase in which everyone untaps anyway, and before the movement/hazard and site phases. So you can't really use this to untap that much. All you can do with it is untap the few characters who've tapped during the organization phase. The only other use for this is as a counter for cards like Worn and Famished (you can tell this card's related closely to it, change the name to Rested and Fed and you've got exact opposites) which otherwise prevent you from untapping during the untap phase. Other than that, there's very little you can do with this card. Overall, Washed and Refreshed is a fairly useless card, only really good against a few specific hazards, not worth putting in most decks.
Gandalf4.5Farmer Maggot8.0

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