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Resource: Special Item

Only playable at Lorien. Discard to untap bearer or bearer and one other character in his company. Alternatively, discard during organization phase to allow its bearer's company to play an additional region card.

Nice idea, but just not that useful. This is mostly due to the fact that it's only usable once, which IMHO isn't compensated for by its very easy (playable at Lorien) play. You might find some use in this card, but not much. Its effect is very simple, alowing you to discard it to untap (the other use is not even too noteworthy except as a backup use for it, since other cards do the same thing better) its bearer and another character. The discard part here is the key. While untapping may be useful, you can get similar effects from Tales of the Hunt (as an example), which is actually re-usable unlike this card. The main place this could be usable is as an occasional extra untapper, in situations where one or two characters are very important to your strategy and their being untapped is key. This includes One Ring decks and decks which heavily use the powerful abilities (except in Pallando) of their Wizard. But in those decks most of the time Tales of the Hunt will be better anyway. The only thing this card really brings that's of any interest is the fact it taps two characters, possibly helping a few specific combos, but that's not that interesting or important. Overall, Waybread is a card that might be useful in a few situations, but really should have been a lot better considering how useful and necessary (the entire quest of the ring couldn't have happened without it) it was in the books.
Ratings for: WAYBREAD
Gandalf4.0Farmer Maggot8.5

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