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Noose of the Sea

Resource: Long-Event

Affects each company with a Costal Sea in its site path. The ongoing effects of all resource short-events that were played during the organization phase are cancelled for the duration of the movement/hazard phase and the site phase. Such short-events have no effect on this card(i.e., it may not be cancelled by such a short- event).

This card has a fairly long text but a very simple meaning. It cancels all resource short-events on companies traveling through Coastal Seas. The uses of this aren't particularly numerous (if it canceled ALL short-events, including ones played during the movement/combat phase, THEN it would be useful), applying only to the Short-Events played as enhancers (which there aren't that many of). Though there are some of these, none of them are that significant, and few of them can actually do any harm to an attack. So it really isn't that great ability. And, in addition to that, it requires a Coastal Sea deck to be played against, of which the numbers are increasingly rare anyway from Earcaraxe and Wind of Wrath. And though they can't cancel this card, few of them could anyway. About the only place this could be useful is against an opponent who you know is going to Coastal Seas, or possibly in a deck which relies heavily on attacks and things like Long Winter and Snowstorm to drive your opponent to the seas. Still, overall Noose of the Sea is a fairly mediocre card, whose only real use is in those few situations where your opponent is in Coastal Seas.
Ratings for: NOOSE OF THE SEA
Gandalf5.0Farmer Maggot7.5

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