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Tales of the Hunt

Resource: Permanent-Event

Corruption Points: 2

Playable on a Man at a Border-hold; tap the Man. Bearer may tap to untap any character in his company. Bearer makes a corruption check.

Tales of the Hunt is another card of the same type as Lore of the Ages, an event-item, played in ways almost identical to a special item except that it's not. Since I've already gone over the features of these in Lore of the Ages, I'll get right to the specific uses of this card. This card can, to put it simply, transfer a tap from a man to another character. It gives that man the ability to tap in exchange for untapping someone else. Therefore, it's an extremely good way to re-use a character so you can use their abilities more than once in one turn, simply by tapping another man. More than one man allows more than one untapping, as more than one Elf with Lore of the Ages allows more than one prowess enhancer. So this card, in general, is an excellent way to untap characters. Plus, it's permanent, or pretty much so, allowing you to re-use this ability again and again. You can keep a man or two around expressly for the purpose of untapping and re-using another character. Finally a use for some of those one and two mind ones like Barliman Butterbur (too bad Pallando isn't a Man or he'd be good with this too). Against attacks that can't choose defenders, you can keep around a beefy character or two and then untap them after one attack to be ready for the next. Therefore this card is excellent, like many cards, in decks where you send your companies into dangerous areas. Overall, Tales of the Hunt is a very useful little permanent-event, worth putting in almost any deck, particularly those that rely heavily on just one or two powerful characters (like a Wizard).
Ratings for: TALES OF THE HUNT
Gandalf8.5Farmer Maggot8.5

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