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Lore of the Ages

Resource: Permanent-Event

Corruption Points: 2

Playable on an Elf at a Haven; tap the Elf. When facing an attack, bearer may tap to give +1 prowess to all characters in his company against the attack. Bearer makes a corruption check.

Lore of the Ages is like an item that isn't. Making it a Special Item and deleting the "tap the Elf" would make it almost identical (except it'd be an item instead of a permanent-event). It even has corruption points like an item. So you start out by playing this like an item, not tapping the site (because it's a haven and the card doesn't say to tap like items automatically do), and then you use it like an item by tapping. The main reason it's not an item is because it's knowledge instead of material. But taking a look at the actual ability, that's pretty useful too. It gives you a nice little kick to your company's prowesses. There are many situations to use this. In fact, it works somewhat in almost any company with an Elf. Just include one of those versatile Elves in your company and play this on him (fairly easy since it's playable at a haven). Try not to give him much else in the way of corruption-producing stuff, since he already has 2 corruption points from this and may be making a lot of corruption checks. Then just tap him when needed for that little extra kick. Better yet, keep more than one Elf (this card is very good for Elf decks since you can play a bunch of it) in your company and play several of these, one for each Elf. Unfortunately, you can't really repeat this on one Elf, because it isn't allowed in the wording. All it does is give you the ability, playing two simply gives you that ability again but doesn't add anything. But still, two Elves with this can give you +2 prowess against one attack (or +1 against two), and three Elves can give you +3. So this card is great to have around and play whenever you're about to go into Mordor or Dragon Country, to give you a better chance of actually killing one of those nasty Nazgul, Dragons, or something like that. The more strikes, the more useful this card is, since more strikes = more characters facing it = more used +1 enhancers. Overall, Lore of the Ages is a very nice little event-item (as I like to call this type of card) which can be quite helpful in many situations.
Ratings for: LORE OF THE AGES
Gandalf7.0Farmer Maggot6.0

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