231.html4|@/44@@TEXTR*chP }kL|3 Hobgoblins


Hazard: Creature

Marshalling Points: 1
Playable at: Wilderness (2)
Prowess/Body: 10/-

Orcs. Two strikes. Two wildernesses in site path are required.

Hobgoblins is, IMHO, the first actually decently powerful Orc card. Their prowess is about average, better than the most Orcs which are normally very weak, it gets two strikes, and it's fairly widely playable too. It has better-than-50% chances of killing a Hobbit un-enhanced, and with enhancers is a very threatening creature. It even has some chance of killing a Wizard, or for that matter any character except Glorfindel. It's useful in all kinds of decks and situations. The most obvious one, of course, is an Orc deck, something finally made possible by the Dragons expansion and (hopefully) extended further in Dark Minions and beyond. Played with powerful enhancers like Host of Bats and The Iron Crown (the latter is especially useful because Hobgoblins is only worth 1 marshalling point and is worth sacrificing for the +4 prowess it gets on its attack). Those two alone make it a 14/-, playable without counting as a hazard against the hazard limit, and (in some areas) providing a total of THREE body checks forced apon anyone it wounds. Almost the equal of some Nazgul. And it's an Orc, too. As for the best times to play this, any time it's playable is pretty good, particularly if you have enhancers in hand, and particularly if Host of Bats is out. But as I said, any time is pretty good. Overall, Hobgoblins is a nice and very powerful Orc creature, increasing the potential for Orc decks quite a bit, worth including in any deck with a few good enhancers for it.
Ratings for: HOBGOBLINS
Gandalf7.5Farmer Maggot9.0

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