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Host of Bats

Hazard: Long-Event

Against each company, 1 Orc hazard creature may be played that does not count towards the hazard limit. Any character wounded by an orc attack makes an additional body check at -1. Additionally, if Shadow of Mordor is in play, any character wounded by an attack keyed to (or an automatic-attack at) a Shadow-hold or a Dark-hold makes an additional body check modified by -2. Cannot be duplicated.

Host of Bats is actually a pretty good helper for Orcs. It doesn't remove all their deficiencies, but it does give them an extra little kick. Plus it establishes Shadow of Mordor as another DoN-like card that helps other cards while in play. It's a pretty nice card. It right away makes an Orc effectively free, not counting against the hazard limit, so there's very little to lose. And then it lets you force additional body checks, admittedly not as good as your first one but still nice. It may effect both you and your opponent, but played the right way at the right time it can hurt him more than you. Plus you can control its duration somewhat with Will of Sauron. There are all kinds of neat uses for this card. First, there's the obvious target of Hobbits. The one reason you can't squash the little guys already is because they all have high bodies. With up to three different body checks, you can tone down that number some. Let's look at an example with the standard high body of 9. With one check, the odds of it succeeding are only 1/6. With an extra check, even modified by -1, the odds rise to 1/4. With that other extra -2 check, the odds slightly increase further to 5/18, though that extra check isn't that significant. So the upshot of this is that you have a significantly better chance of killing a Hobbit (or Wizard, or some other high-body thing) with this card than you would otherwise. You can almost guarantee death of an enemy if you pull this off four separate times. But that's pretty hard. Especially considering how weak Orcs are and how they're needed to get the -1 extra check. You almost require a few enhancers to make this card usable on anything other than Hobbits. The other problem with pulling this off four times is that it can't be duplicated, so unless you have Will of Sauron this is a one-shot deal. As for the fact it can be used by your opponent, too, think of it this way: unless your opponent also happens to be using a strategy with Orcs and this card, it's doubtful they'll be able to take much advantage of it. Very few people play with Orcs, at least very few that I know do. I certainly don't. But I may with this card now out. Overall, Host of Bats is a nice Orc enhancer which makes those normally ultra-weak orcs just a little bit more usable.
Ratings for: HOST OF BATS
Gandalf8.0Farmer Maggot7.5

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