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Left Behind

Hazard: Short-Event

Playable on a non-Wizard character whose copmany is facing an attack of five strikes or more. Following the attack, character splits off into a different company with the same site path as the company in which he was. He faces a separate movement/hazard phase this turn with a hazard limit of one. He may rejoin his original company following all movement/hazard phases.

Left Behind has a lot of gaping holes in its abilities, making it not particularly useful. Its effect is to give one character some possible problems and get to play an extra hazard. This could be decently useful if it was easy to play, but it just isn't. The only way to play this is after a 5+ strike attack, most of which are weak and not used very often by most players, and you need to keep this card around until you find one. Not too useful. But let's look at what situations you can use it in. One good place to use this is Mordor (especially with Morgul-rats as the trigger, good way to follow up the destruction they can cause). You can kill off a pretty good character, better yet the ring-bearer if your opponent is planning to dunk the ring, just by separating them off and using a Nazgul. A Nazgul can actually work unenhanced against a character who's Left Behind, since you don't need them to choose defenders because there's only one to choose. Hobbits are the best targets for this, and since they're often ring-bearers it fits with the Mordor usage, but even without that this is a convenient way to kill the little guys. But not anything much bigger. Anybody with a decent prowess is unlikely to be killed by just one attack, which is all you can make with the hazard limit of 1. Here's a nifty strategy with this: leave behind someone without playing this card on them, instead play it on the other characters in their company. With a company of two or three characters this works perfectly. Leave Behind the two weaker ones, or the ones you don't care about killing as much, and you get two hazards playable on the stronger one. Great with a wizard on Shadowfax, you can win the game with this card. Oh, and you can use this to break up Fellowships, too, by forcing a company to break up. But still, overall Left Behind is a fairly mediocre card, not playable very often and mostly useful just as a Hobbit-killer.
Ratings for: LEFT BEHIND
Gandalf5.5Farmer Maggot7.5

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