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Look More Closely Later

Resource: Short-Event

Ritual. Tap a sage to untap a site at which "Information" is playable. Sage makes a corruption check.

Look More Closely Later is a very simple short-event, almost in the "utility" group like Twilight et. al. but not quite. It's a member of that new class, Rituals, sort of like a spell, and is the third card in the game (the first two were the Dwarven Ring of Durin's Tribe and Thror's Map) to allow you to untap sites. Now Information is a fairly popular thing for a site to have by itself, but there's another use in addition to that. The best place to use this card is at Isle of the Ulond, home of Earcaraxe, and also a Hoard item site with Information. This is therefore a good alternative to Thror's Map for some Hoard items, since Earcaraxe, while hard to kill and very powerful, is actually excluded from many of the Dragon enhancers, and so is not as dangerous in many ways as Smaug or Itangast. This card, in fact, is probably why Isle of the Ulond has Information playable, to give it an extra edge over the other hoard sites. There are lots of other places to play this, too, like the easy-to-reach and therefore often overused Information site The Wind Throne (included in every starter pack). But you do have to be a bit careful about playing this card, since it requires a sage and forces a corruption check. Since a lot of the time a company's only sage is its Wizard (all of them except Radagast have that skill) a corruption check forced by this card can be rather dangerous. Still, many decks will find this card essential and useful enough so the corruption check is insignificant, such as Ring decks (Ringlore, Information site required and tapped by it). In ring decks, in fact, this card serves as a stepping-stone to Dwarven Ring of Durin's Tribe - play a gold ring, any gold ring, then wander on over to The Wind Throne, untap it with this card, use Ringlore to get out your Durin's tribe ring, then use that to untap The Wind Throne again to bring out another ring with Ringlore. Continue until you've used up all your gold rings. Wizard's Staff used to continually recover this card is also an extremely good combo (thanks to Farmer Maggot for this tip). And another neat thing Eonwe pointed out: the sage doesn't need to be at the site to untap it. So you can just set up a sage with Wizard's Staff and this in Rivendell and let your companies run around wherever they want, untapping information sites for them when needed. Cool. Also, as I said before, Dragon-based resource strategies benefit from this, making Isle of the Ulond much easier to re-use. Overall, Look More Closely Later is a useful little card to help out ring-based and dragon-based resource strategies.
Gandalf7.5Farmer Maggot7.5

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