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Hey! Come Merry Dol!

Resource: Short-Event

Playable at the end of the organization phase on a moving company. Each Wilderness symbol in the company's site path counts as half a Wilderness. When calculating the number of Wildernesses in such a site path, round down the final result.

Hey! Come Merry Dol! is a very useful card for all kinds of decks. It allows you to cut down the danger of wildernesses quite significantly, eliminating single wildernesses and cutting down double, triple, and quadruple ones. However, this modifier does apply to everything that uses wilderness, so some strategies suffer from this. Let's look at the uses. The best place to put this card is in almost any deck that doesn't have Radagast. Radagast and this card do not mix well together. Radagast may be able to go through four wildernesses and only have it count for two with this, but he only gets to draw two cards as well. So using this with your Radagast speed deck is a dumb idea. Lots of decks, however, do benefit from this. If you're travelling through heavy areas of wilderness then this card is a great thing to have. Mirkwood and Dragon Country are two good places to have this, as is the Northwest of Middle-Earth which is fairly safe except for its large numbers of Wildernesses. The best situations to use this are ones with three or fewer wildernesses - with four you still have the deadly two-wilderness situation which allows lots of nasty creatures to be played. A final use for this card is as a counterer for Withered Lands, which doubles wildernesses, to turn those back into one wilderness. Overall, Hey! Come Merry Dol! is a very useful card, worth putting in almost any deck as a protection when travelling through wilderness.
Ratings for: HEY! COME MERRY DOL!
Gandalf8.5Farmer Maggot8.0

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