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Fatty Bolger

Character: Scout Hobbit

Marshalling Points: 1
Mind: 3
Prowess/Body: 1/8

Unique. Unless he is one of the starting characters, he may only be brought into play at his home site. All of his corruption checks are modified by +1. He can tap to cancel a strike against another Hobbit in his company. Home site: Bag End

Oh, and I don't know about avalability of this, it is a promo card and a blue-bordered one, if you send a SASE to ICE and ask for it they'll probably send you one. Fatty Bolger is another interesting Hobbit, with a special ability that distinguishes him from the others. His primary use is as a defender for other Hobbits, carrying around a strike canceller without any item or event. He's also fairly cheap, and not as useful corruption-wise as other Hobbits. So let's look at the uses for old Fatty. His main place is in Hobbit decks, as a worthy character to accompany them on their various often-dangerous quests. He himself isn't that great, other than his special ability, so I wouldn't reccomend him as your only Hobbit, but in companies with others he's a useful aid. By himself, however, he's just a weak little character with corruption checks beaten by all other Hobbits and equaled by several other characters. And don't go to too much trouble to protect him, he isn't worth that much, your time's probably better spent protecting other, more singularly valuable characters, and he can't cancel strikes against himself. Overall, Fatty Bolger is a cheap way to keep your other Hobbits safe, worth thinking about for One Ring decks and other decks that rely on Hobbits.
Ratings for: FATTY BOLGER
Gandalf6.5Farmer Maggot7.0

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