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Helm of Her Secrecy

Resource: Permanent-Event

If Eowyn is in your hand, this card is playable on a company facing an attack (before strikes are assigned) - the company must contain a character with Edoras as a home site. If enough influence is available to control her, Eowyn may be played with (i.e., joins) the company. She gains +2 prowess, +1 body, and +1 direct influence. If the attack is a Nazgul, place Helm of her Secrecy with Eowyn following the attack. Otherwise, discard this card following the attack. Regardless, Eowyn remains in play.

This card accurately translates into METW terms how Eowyn came to the Battle of the Pelennor Fields. As you may remember, she was riding with the rest of the Rohirrim, looking like a perfectly normal soldier hidden behind her helmet, and then suddenly appeared, to the surprise of everyone. This card does that exact same thing. It lets you flexibly play Eowyn, with a nice prowess/body/D.I. bonus thrown in, any time you want to, making her a significantly better character than she is otherwise (my rating of her from COTD #53 goes from a 7.0 to a 9.0). So this is a great card to keep around in hand if you've got any Rohirrim in your company to conveniently unleash Eowyn if the need arises. It's particularly useful against Nazgul attacks to make Eowyn a 4/8 (10/8 against Nazgul) powerhouse. And she gets to pop in with her 10 prowess right away against a Nazgul attack, with a good (almost 50%) chance to smite even the Witch-King (especially with his body halved). So another good place for this card is with companies travelling to Mordor (i.e. One Ring decks), since you just have to include an Edoras-homed character (of which there are several choices which aren't very hard to get out) and keep Eowyn and this card in hand. Overall, Helm of Her Secrecy is a nice enhancer for Eowyn, but of course in decks without Rohirrim and Eowyn it's perfectly useless.
Legolas3.0Farmer Maggot7.5

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