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Alert the Folk

Resource: Short-Event

Playable on a company facing a Dragon or Drake attack (not Earcaraxe). Discard from your hand any one or two factions playable at sites in Northern Rhovanion, Iron Hills, Woodland Realm, or Anduin Vales. All characters facing the attack gain a bonus to their prowess equal to the total marshalling point values (as printed on their cards) of the factions discarded.

Hmm, fairly decent card but not that great. To understand this card you first have to know what factions are in those four regions. There are five of these: Iron Hill Dwarves, Men of Northern Rhovanion, Wood-Elves, The Great Eagles, and Beornings. Oh, and I forgot the men of Dale and Lake-Town, bringing the total to seven. These factions vary in both usefulness and likelyhood to be included in a typical deck. The best of these to play with this card is The Great Eagles, since they're not played very often and are difficult to get out when they are. But since it's doubtful you'll include them in most decks, they're not that useful with this card. Really, though, this is good with any of those factions, considering what it does with them. These two- and three-marshalling point factions can really add up to quite a bit of prowess if you exchange marshalling points for it. So this is an excellent card to give you a fair chance of surviving some of the stronger Dragon attacks. Oh, and there is an 8th faction, Returned Exiles, which is also difficult to play, gives FIVE marshalling points, and is playable at sites where a Dragon was defeated (which can include one in Northern Rhovanion, The Lonely Mountain, if Smaug dies there). It goes perfectly with this card, giving a whopping 5-prowess bonus to all your defending characters. Overall, Alert the Folk is an occasionally useful card to defend against Dragons, though it is a big complex to play and wastes perfectly good factions.
Ratings for: ALERT THE FOLK
Legolas4.4Farmer Maggot4.0

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