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From the Pits of Angband

Hazard: Long-Event

At the end of each turn, each player may take 1 unique dragon manifestation or 1 Drake hazard creature from his discard pile and shuffle it into his play deck. Alternatively, if Doors of Night is in play, at the end of each turn, each player may return 1 unique Dragon manifestation and/or 1 Drake hazard creature from his discard pile to his hand. Cannot be duplicated.

This card is the ultimate recycler for Dragon decks. Sure, your opponent benefits from it too, but if your opponent isn't playing heavily on Dragons and you are this card lets you utterly annihilate him. It's a Long-event, but at fact is easily remedied with The Will of Sauron, so there's not that much worry there. Even without Doors of Night, it's fairly useful, and with them it's an absolute powerhouse. The basic ability is a simple recycler, not particularly great, which lets you bring your Dragons and Drakes back to your play deck to be eventually used again. This helps somewhat to continue Dragon strategies, but isn't that amazing. With Doors of Night, though, this card really shines. It lets you return Dragons to your HAND, AND in addition lets you return a Drake there, both from the discard pile. That's two creatures, recycled directly to your hand from when they were discarded. This gives you a turnaround of just one turn to play a Dragon (or Drake) again. It's useful in practically any Dragon deck, particularly when you're playing against an opponent who doesn't play Dragons that heavily or your own deck doesn't go into Dragon Country that much. In those cases you get a good deal more than him out of this card, making it more worthwhile to play. One way to play this is to only put one or two Dragons in your deck. Creatures are best suited to this, since the Ahunt ones are permanent anyway from Doors of Night and the At Home ones are also permanent. However, since Dragons are so difficult to play a lot of the time (and while this recycles the Dragon, it doesn't recycle Dragon's Desolation) and once they die, you can't re-use them, this card is almost better with Drakes. You can take a Drake, particularly a nice and flexible one like Land- or Light-Drake, and just keep playing it again and again and again, without ever having to wait to draw it. Another use for this card is as a safety net and a hand extender (a much better one than Pallando, too). If you draw a Dragon, and at the moment your opponent isn't up in Dragon Country, just discard it and wait. When your opponent goes up there (or looks like they're preparing to), magically bring it back with From the Pits of Angband, and then play it on them as if you'd been saving it the whole time. With enough advance warning, you can do this with several Dragons and Drakes, which you can then unleash on your opponent all at once to utterly demolish his company. Overall, From the Pits of Angband is a great Dragon enhancer, the "Nazgul are Abroad" of Dragons, well worth putting into any Dragon deck.
Legolas10.0Farmer Maggot9.5

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