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Worm's Stench

Hazard: Short-Event

Playable on a company that has already faced a Dragon or Drake attack this turn. The prowess of each Spider and Animal attack against the company is increased by two for the rest of the turn. Additionally, if Doors of Night is in play, all Wolf attacks receive +2 prowess and all Wolf, Spider, and Animal attacks receive +1 strikes for the rest of the turn against the company.

Worm's Stench is a nice little creature enhancer, very useful to play after a Dragon. It gives your Spiders, Animals, and possibly Wolves a little +2 prowess boost and possible extra strike as well. Right away there's an obvious strategy here - series. Play a Dragon first off, then go out and play your Spiders, Animals, and Wolves in great numbers afterwards. It does apply to all of them played after it, remember, not just one. You can launch off four or five of those attacks against a large company. That's the main, and pretty much only use for this card's effect. It fits in just great with slowdown strategies, so all you players with slowdown decks should benefit tremendously from this card. Some great choices for creatures to play with this are double- or triple- wilderness ones, since (with Drakes anyway) you've already got them in that situation and you might as well take advantage of it. Additional good creatures are ones like Morgul-Rats who need all the enhancers they can get (the Rats have plenty of strikes, but very low prowess, so a +2 can be quite a help). Overall, Worm's Stench is a fairly good creature enhancer, a worthy thing to include in slowdown decks.
Ratings for: WORM'S STENCH
Legolas7.5Farmer Maggot7.0

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