221.html4|@/44@@TEXTR*chfk?p Emerald of Doriath Well, I just realized that I'm going to be away from Thursday until Sunday (though I can check my e-mail in that situation, I can't post or access the web site) so I won't be able to write the COTD then. But tomorrow I'll post all the issues from Wednesday to Saturday, and Sunday's (since it's the start of a new rating set and I don't have all the ratings for it yet) I'll be posting Monday along with its regular COTD. But here's today's card:

(BTW, in response to a suggestion I recieved I'm trying to include a bit more strategy in issues from now on. Any comments on this would be welcome.)

Emerald of Doriath

Resource: Minor Item

Corruption Points: 1

Unique. Hoard item. +1 to direct influence against Elves and Elf factions. If bearer is a Wizard, your general influence is increased by two.

A fairly decent card, while not extremely powerful it definitely has uses. First the basic statistics. It's a minor item, no marshalling points and only one corruption point, and also a hoard item. The hoard item part makes it a fair amount of trouble to play, so it's right away only useful in decks which really benefit from it. Such decks are few. It's mainly good with a Wizard, both for its Wizard enhancer and because they have enough direct influence to really do something with it. It's also mostly useful in Elf decks, since it main enhancer relies on those, particularly Elf factions since one extra influence point won't help you much on influencing characters. A slightly better increase is its bonus for Wizards, increasing your general influence by two points. This is actually worth something. First of all, it's one of very few ways to help your general influence, since cards that do anything for it are scarce at best. If you've got a lot of drain on general influence (though that's not very likely with a Wizard in play, as required by this card, it can happen, especially with Wizards as starting characters), from a lot of characters, this card can help to relieve some of that. In fact, you can even tie in this card's two abilities on a Wizard. Use the general influence one to allow you to switch a character from direct (by your Wizard) to general influence, then use the Elf faction enhancer to further your chances of getting Elf factions out successfully, now more likely with your Wizard because of the extra you've just freed up and added. So it's valuable in the famous "Wandering Wizard" strategy for those Elf factions (though there are only two now, more are bound to come in the next few expansions). Overall, Emerald of Doriath is a pretty nice item, a bit costly because of the Hoard part but its abilities can occationally be useful.
Legolas7.2Farmer Maggot7.5

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