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Hazard: Creature

Marshalling Points: 3
Playable at: Dark-domains, Dark-holds
Prowess/Body: 14/9

Unique. Troll. One strike. May also be played following an Orc or Troll attack in a Shadow-land or Shadow-hold.

Gothmog is one of the most powerful non-Nazgul, non-Dragon creatures in the game. 14 prowess, while small for a Nazgul, is quite mighty for a mere Troll. So Gothmog finds much of his use in decks that don't want to go to all the trouble of supporting Nazgul or Dragons but do want a good creature for Dark-domains and Dark-holds, a role he fulfills quite well. The basic creature is right away fairly strong. It may be only one strike, but it is 14/9, very good for a non-Nazgul/non-Dragon. He's a Troll, opening up many enhancers we'll look at in a minute, and in addition to being playable in Dark areas he can also be played in Shadow ones after Orcs (finally a good use for the little guys) or Trolls have made an attack there. Now while 14/9 is pretty good, in fact very good, as I said before, there still is plenty of room for improvement. That's where enhancers come in. Some good ones include Minions Stir (increases number of strikes and prowess), Fury of the Iron Crown (+4 prowess), and Carrion Birds (played afterwards, the weakened company is easier prey for them). Those first two alone make him a two-strike 19/9 creature, more powerful than any other one in the game without enhancers. Pretty strong. Another good use for Gothmog is actually in Nazgul decks, both as a backup for the Nazgul and also as a creature to use who doesn't rely on the Nazgul enhancers. Though some of the enhancers for Nazgul also help him, such as terrain changers which allow Dark creatures to be playable elsewhere. Gothmog also has a definite future for cards, with Dark Minions coming very soon and other expansions (Lidless Eye and War Hosts, mainly, I don't have much info on them so don't ask) probably providing still more enhancers. Overall, Gothmog is a very nice creature, one of the best non-special (not Nazgul or Dragon) ones.
Ratings for: GOTHMOG
Legolas8.0Farmer Maggot9.0

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