Resource: Sage Ally
Mind: 3
Marshalling Points: 2
Prowess/Body: 8/9

Unique. Playable at Wellinghall. May not be attacked byautomatic-attacks or hazards keyed to his site. Discard Treebeard ifhis company moves to a site that is not in: Fangorn, Rohan, Gap ofIsen, Wold & Foothills, Endehwaith, Old Pukel-land, Brown Lands,Anduin Vales, or Redhorn Gap.

Well, that is pretty good. There are, like most cards, problems to goalong with those features, but still, all in all, quite good. The first,and main good feature is the 8/9 stats. There's only one character thatgood, Glorfindel II, and he has 8 mind compared to Treebeard's 3. Thereare a few allies that good or better, but Treebeard's the best Ent and oneof the best of them.

He's especially great with Hobbits, who need a strong helperlike him to aid in their battles. Also, the 2 M.P. are handy. Plus, hecan't be attacked at his site, helping a little if you're going througheasy territory to a hard site (such as Mount Doom, for instance, thoughthe path there is also hard).

The main thing is the 8/9. This is actuallyalso good in combos. Instead of enhancing a character, enhance Treebeard,get him up to a 12 or so, and use him against the powerful attacks in thelands he can go through (some wilderness, a couple of border-lands and ashadow-land). BTW, I believe, though it reads Redhorn Gap on the card,they meant to say Redhorn Gate - I've checked over the regions again andagain, and there is no Redhorn Gap.

That brings us right into the bad part of Treebeard. He can only be inone of those rather limited set of regions, or else he's discarded. I'mnot sure what the logic of that was, though he didn't go into any otherregions there was no reason in the books that he couldn't, I suppose thatit worked better in the game design.

This problem, though, prevents himfrom being a great ally, and instead makes him more like an escort throughthat territory, only around while you're there. Sort of like Tom Bombadil,who's a 12 prowess ally, also with 3 mind, but is only available in 4sites. Once again, he's an escort.

Still, this can be a useful strategy,possibly in combination with Shadowfax; set up a character or a wizard onShadowfax, and send him around gathering powerful allies like this one tohelp your bigger companies which are coming. Great for M.P. - not only doyou get the ally M.P., but you can also visit dangerous sites to gethigh-M.P. factions in play. There is one possible error in Treebeard,since he only limits going to sites in outside regions, he could very wellwalk the company through a dangerous area and stay with one characteroutside while the rest went the final step to the site. Overall, a prettygood card, though it is rather limited because of the region constraints.

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