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Smaug Ahunt

Hazard: Long-Event

Marshalling Points: 5

Unique. Any company moving in Withered Heath, Northern Rhovanion, Iron Hills, and/or Grey Mountain Narrows immediately faces one Dragon attack (considered a hazard creature attack) -- 3 strikes at 15/7 (attacker chooses defending character). If Doors of Night is in play, this attack also affects: Brown Lands, Southern Rhovanion, Dorwinion, Dagorland, and Horse Plains.

Finally a Smaug with really good art. The art on this card is spectacular. Much better than the junk they put on his original creature card (they really should re-issue that, then I wouldn't have that eyesore in my card binder), and a good deal better than the At Home one, too (which looks a little bored IMHO). This card really shows the dragon's fury. But let's move on from the art to the actual card. It's probably one of the best Ahunt dragons. You get three 15/7, attacker-chooses-defenders strikes, first off. That's pretty good. Better than many of the Creature dragons, like Daelomin (and she's actually a pretty powerful dragon). The range is also fairly good, it may be just Dragon country but it's an awful lot of Dragon country. In fact, most of it is covered by Smaug with DoN in play. Like all Ahunt dragons, Smaug Ahunt is temporary but with Will of Sauron becomes permanent. And also like all Ahunt dragons, he hurts you too if you go in that area. So both of these are partial disadvantages to playing Smaug Ahunt. Another one is the 5 marshalling points your opponent gets for killing him, quite a whopping sum. So there are both advantages and disadvantges to playing Smaug Ahunt. One final disadvantage is that, in addition to giving your opponent 5 marshalling points, when Smaug Ahunt is killed you also make The Lonely Mountain undefended. While this can be good for you as well as your opponent, if your opponent's killing Smaug they're likely to be closer to The Lonely Mountain than any of your companies, and therefore they might be able to get there first (remember, it's one of the Greater Hoard Item sites) and play an item there (tapping it) before you. Still, overall Smaug Ahunt is a fairly useful dragon, one of the better Ahunt ones, and worth considering in many dragon decks.
Ratings for: SMAUG AHUNT
Legolas8.0Farmer Maggot9.0

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