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Resource: Short-Event

Playable only at the end of the organization phase. Tap an elf. If his company's site path only has one or two regions with no Dark- domains and no Shadow-lands, opponent may only play hazard creatures this turn that are keyed to the company's site.

This card has one main purpose, a great and important one. It lets you dodge Wildernesses. Stressing the "es", i.e. two or more. And all just for the price of tapping an Elf. This card is one of the few ones in Dragons which actually contributes to Radagast-based strategies, rather than hurting it as most do. Let's look at the basic strategy. Its play is fairly simple. You just tap an elf, and the effect occurs if the site path has no region worse than a Wilderness. The effect itself is to make hazard creatures keyeable only to the site, not the site path. This can be a tremendous benefit for Radagast decks. However, it doesn't stop everything. Dragon's Desolation, for example, is keyed to the site as a result of the site path. So since the site path is still the same, a double-wilderness to a Ruins & Lairs (or even single wilderness with DoN) is still a possible play space for a Dragon. But it's powerful nonetheless. For example, with Radagast. Carry this, as well as an Elf, with Radagast's company, and you can go through four wildernesses on a single turn with virtually no attacks. It's even sneakier if you make the site you're travelling to a free-hold. Or a haven. You can run a nice little route back and forth between Rivendell and Blue Mountain Dwarf-hold, using region movement to avoid Grey Havens, and taking an extra step through Cardolan to make it four wildernesses. Even better - run between Rivendell and Lorien, two havens with four wildernesses in between. Just go south through Hollin and pass through there instead of High Pass. There are all kinds of routes like this. And this card, Elf-path, is the key to unlocking those. Three of these lets you draw a whopping 12 cards with Radagast safely. More each time you recycle the deck. This strategy works for almost any wilderness movement, too, such as going through Mirkwood on a trip to "Dragon country". But unfortunately it can't help you with Shadow-lands or Dark-domains, so you are constrained a bit. Still, overall Elf-path is an excellent card, well worth putting in many decks, especially Radagast ones.
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