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Flatter a Foe

Resource: Short-Event

Flattery attempt. Playable on a character whose company is facing an attack of the type listed below. Character makes an influence check (modified by his unused direct influence and +2 if a diplomat). If successful, the attack is cancelled and the hazard limit for the character's company is decreased by two. This influnce check is successful if the result is greater than: 10 against a Dragon; 11 against Men or Drakes; 12 against Trolls, Orcs, Elves and Giants.

Flatter a Foe is yet another attack canceller, but with a twist. There are conditions to that cancellation, and in addition to cancelling the attack you also decrease the hazard limit with this card. Let's first go over the play itself. You can play this on a character whose company is facing a Dragon, Man, Drake, Troll, Orc, Elf (I don't think there are any of those right now), or Giant attack. You make an influence check, oddly enough, making a roll and adding unused direct influence and in this case +2 for diplomats. And if your check beats a certain number, you cancel the attack and shave two points off the hazard limit. There are several uses for this. The obvious problem right away is making the check succeed. With the >12 creatures, you can't without modifiers, and it's extremely difficult with the >11s and >10s. So you almost need a diplomat. Or a character with a LOT of unused direct influence (probably a Wizard, though four of them are diplomats too). In fact the best characters to use this with are Wizards. Most of them already get +2, bringing the Dragon number down to 8, and probably give you a couple of free direct influence points (especially if you're using the Wandering Wizard strategy and have lots free to influence factions). So they have a pretty good chance of pulling this off. But most other characters don't. The biggest problem for this card is that there are several other attack cancellers which don't require checks, they just work. Like Torque of Hues, for example. But the combination of this and the hazard limit modifier gives this card some uses, though you'll have to use it early in the turn or else the hazard limit modifer won't matter, you'll already be past it. Overall, Flatter a Foe is a fairly good attack canceller, more useful than many in some situations.
Ratings for: FLATTER A FOE
Legolas7.7Farmer Maggot7.5

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