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Resource: Short-Event

Tap a character to make a burglary attempt at a site in lieu of facing its automatic-attacks. Tap the site and make a roll modified by +2 if the character is a scout and +3 if he is a hobbit. If the result is greater than 10, an item normally playable at that site may be played with the character. If the attempt fails, the character must face all automatic attacks alone.

This is almost exactly like that optional rule for Burglaring, except it applies to everyone. And there's the minor change that the character has to tap whether the attempt succeeds or not, while in Burglaring you only have to tap to play an item. So let's compare the two. There's no real reason to use the optional rule over this, other than that this uses up a card. Since at the moment all Hobbits are Scouts, they all get +5 to the roll (3 for being a Hobbit and 2 for being a Scout), meaning they have to roll greater than a five just like in the Burglaring rule. But the difference is that other characters can use it too. Scouts can use it and have to roll greater than 8, difficult but not impossible. Non-scouts can use it and have to roll greater than 10, sort of stupid since the chances of that are very slim. Now let's briefly discuss the merits of Burglaring in general. The main benefit of this is to give you a chance to get out of auto-attacks. That's about all. Thorough Search is the way to get an extra item out of a site, not this. All this does is let you avoid the auto-attack. Now in some sites that can be useful, such as Dragon ones. You can use this to get by the Dragon auto-attack, and an At Home incarnation too if one's there. With a Hobbit your chances are pretty good, too, 13/18 or about 72%. With non-Hobbit Scouts it lowers to 5/18, or about 28%, and with other characters it's a mere 1/12 or about 8% (I'm pretty sure of these figures, BTW, but not positive). So unless you've got someone who can slay a Dragon anyway (like Fram Framson or Glorfindel or someone with Wormsbane) it's probably best to limit this to Hobbits. Even with Hobbits there's the risk factor. There's still that 28% chance they won't succeed in Burglaring and will have to face the Dragon's fury alone. And face certain wounding and possible death. Still, overall Burglary is a fairly good card, useful in some dangerous situations to avoid difficult auto-attacks.
Ratings for: BURGLARY
Legolas6.5Farmer Maggot6.0

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