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Dragon's Blood

Hazard: Short-Event

Playable on a character facing a Dragon or Drake strike (before the dice are rolled to resolve the strike). If the strike fails, the target character must make a body check modified by -1 if he has armor, by -1 if he has a shield, and by -1 if he has a helmet. Cannot be duplicated on a given character.

Dragon's Blood is a good way to almost guarantee success in Dragon strikes. If the strike succeeds, the character is wounded and must face a body check, and if the strike fails, the character isn't wounded but they still have to make a body check. The wording on this is a bit unclear about that second check. What part of the check is modified? Is it a good -1 or a bad -1? My guess is that it's a good one, since logically having armor is going to protect you from corrosive Dragon Blood and probably not hurt you. So when can you use this? Well, the best use of this, as I said, is to help insure damage from a Dragon (or Drake) strike. Particularly a weaker Dragon strike, where your victory is not as almost-guaranteed as it is with ones like Itangast or Smaug. Though almost all Drake strikes benefit from it. This card even works with some cancelers, ones that say "all its strikes fail". Not Torque of Hues, however, the most commonly used attack canceller, which simply cancels the attack and nothing else. This card in general is especially useful against Wizards, who are so hard to kill but so rewarding if you do. But there is one problem which prevents attacking a specific character repeatedly - it can't be duplicated on a given character. So you can only use it once to protect your strike. Sort of an odd limit, if you ask me, doesn't really make sense since you're not exactly going to be immune to Dragon Blood after being subjected to it once, but that's how the card's written. Overall, Dragon's Blood is an interesting card, a useful backup to lesser-powered Dragons (and Drakes, too, who are generally less powerful than Dragons) and a valuable help to Dragon decks.
Ratings for: DRAGON'S BLOOD
Legolas7.5Farmer Maggot5.0

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