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Exile of Solitude

Hazard: Short-Event

One strike of an at home manifestation of any unique Dragon can attempt to capture a non-Wizard character. This strike's prowess is modified by -1. If this strike is successful, it forces the discard of the character (with no body check) and all cards he controls. Alternatively, all strikes of Earcaraxe at Home attempt to capture all non-Wizard characters defending against her strikes.

Exile of Solitude is one of the better Dragon enhancers, giving greater power to all Dragons and even more of that power to Earcaraxe (who many enhancers don't apply to, so she deserves a good one all her own). This card allows dragons to "capture" non-Wizard characters (non-Wizard for reasons you'll see in a moment). Capturing (as I interpret it from this card) means that a capturing strike is modified by -1, and if sucessful it discards the character without body checks along with all their cards. Right away, of course, you'd think of the Wizard, since that allows you to win the game, so obviously it doesn't work on them. Another excellent use is on Ring-bearers, such as Hobbits, and unlike Wizards using this on them is allowed. Or for that matter use it to eliminate some important Hoard Item they've just gotten. There are all sorts of uses for this. And the -1 prowess is not that significant with powerful creatures like Dragons, especially when you consider the results. Finally there's a way to avoid those pesky body checks which otherwise harm the attacks with plenty of prowess to spare and little trouble wounding characters. Exile of Solitude allows you to use this with any at home unique dragon on one strike of its attack. While this isn't that much, remember that you can pick which strike to use it on, and so get some sort of choice about Hobbits vs. Glorfindel. And though At Home dragons may not be used that frequently, when they are this card makes them even more dangerous than they already are. Earcaraxe, however, gets it better. First of all, her At Home is the only one with Attacker Chooses Defenders. So her two 18/7 strikes can be targeted however you wish. And in addition to that, both (or more than two if you have strike enhancers) strikes attempt to capture their defending characters (assuming they're not Wizards). So anyone going to Earcaraxe's home faces quite a lot of danger. Overall, Exile of Solitude is a pretty nice enhancer for At Home dragons, but because of their limited range isn't as powerful as it potentially could be.
Legolas8.7Farmer Maggot9.0

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