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Master of Wood, Water, or Hill

Resource: Short-Event

Ritual. Tap a sage to change one Wilderness to a Border-land or Shadow-land or one Shadow-land to a Wilderness or one Border-land to a Wilderness. Sage makes a corruption check.

Master of Wood, Water, or Hill is one of the most versatile terrain changers in the game, allowing you to change any Wilderness, Border-land, or Shadow-land up or down a step (to the next less dangerous or next more dangerous type) in their type. It's only a temporary change, but it's versatile enough to make up for it. Plus of course there's always the possibility of playing these in series. For example, Fog, which moves all terrain types except coastal seas one step closer to wilderness. You can use that to bring almost all regions into the range of this card, then use this card (or possibly several of it) to make further changes. And by that bring a Dark-domain up to a Wilderness or even a Border-land. You can also use this when making a journey through several wildernesses, to change one into a border-land and so avoid Dragon's Desolation, Drakes, and the like. Now actually a question comes up about this, because of the wording - if anyone, including Scott, has an answer, please e-mail me in addition to posting because it's the only way I'll get it when I return (I can't read 3000 or so messages when I get back). Is this change actually permanent? It says nothing about "until the end of the turn". Even though it is a short-event, it doesn't seem to me to necessarily end immediately. If it is permanent, my rating for this goes up significantly, since it allows a permanent change in terrain type and therefore all sorts of benefits (such as making Gorgoroth a Border-land with Fog and two of this). Otherwise it's still useful, just not as much so. There's one more thing about this card, a significant disadvantage - it forces a corruption check after it's played. Since the sage playing this will often be your Wizard, there's a significant risk to playing it. Still, there aren't any negative modifiers to the check, so it's not really that bad. Therefore, overall Master of Wood, Water, or Hill is a sometimes useful utility card, quite helpful for manipulating terrain types to fit your goals.
Legolas5.0Farmer Maggot9.5

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