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Three Golden Hairs

Resource: Permanent-Event

Unique. Playable at any site on a non-Wizard, non-Hobbit diplomat character (other than Galadriel) at the same site as Galadriel. All corruption cards on the bearer are discarded when this card comes into play. +2 to all corruption checks by bearer.

This card is a bit limited in who it can be played on, but if it is played on someone it can give them a nice big help to corruption checks. First the effect, then the limitations. The effect comes in two parts, both of which are quite useful. The first is that it simply removes all the corruption cards currently on the character. Even by itself this does a fair deal of good. If a character's got two or more corruption cards on him, this ability is quite a help. Plus there's the other, more powerful ability. It gives the character an instant (and permanent) +2 to all corruption checks. That's +2, and all checks. As good as two fellowships played together, along with something else to remove corruption cards (though with +2 to corruption checks that's pretty easy even without a remover). So the abilities are obviously good. But there's also the many limitations of this card. First of all, the character can't be a Wizard (one of the biggest targets for this otherwise), can't be a Hobbit (fairly minor considering they all alreaedy get at least this much of a bonus) and has to be a diplomat (one of the rarer skills). In total you have about 15 or so characters this card can be played on without a Magic Ring of Words (which gives its bearer diplomat skill). In addition to this limitation, you also have to play it at the same site as Galadriel, meaning that you have to have Galadriel out, taking away 9 mind points, and you need to manage to get a character other than Galadriel who meets all of the requirements to the same site as her. Pretty steep requirement. But useful in decks with Galadriel (several other cards depend on her, too, so you can set up mini-strategies based on Galadriel). Overall, Three Golden Hairs is a card with a nice ability, but so many limitations it's often almost useless.

Just to tell you in advance, even though I'll mention it in the issues too, on Monday since I don't have that much time before I have to leave for the airport (new security regulations from the TWA 800 crash) for my two week vacation there will be a slight temporary change in the COTD setup. On that day I'm posting two COTDS, written by raters and not me (and therefore without actual ratings in them), but still "official" issues. Let me specifically say this: THIS IS TEMPORARY. THEY'RE NOT TAKING OVER THE COTD. So don't write me asking that. I'm still doing it, and will continue with it when I get back. There'll just be two issues written by raters on that one day.

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