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Ireful Flames

Hazard: Permanent-Event

Affects the following sites: The Loney Mountain, Irerock, Zarak Dum, and Gold Hill. For any item to be played at one of these sites, its player must remove an item in his hand from play that would itself be playable at the site. Cannot be revealed as an on-guard card. Discard Ireful Flames when any play deck is exhausted.

Cool. But also downright EVIL. This card makes three of the five Greater Hoard Item sites much more difficult to use, as well as the additional dragon site Zarak Dum. It can't be used On Guard, so fortunately that risk is eliminated, but the rest still remains. The basic effect of this card is to force you to REMOVE FROM PLAY (not just discard) an item playable at one of those sites in order to play it. Now yes, you can just stock up your hand with a couple of Daggers of Westernesse, or another fairly weak or common item like that, but there's still the risk of not having one when you've finally gotten in to a Dragon site. As I said, fortunately it's not playable on-guard, so you'll know about it before you enter the site, but even with that true you still will at least be forced to wait a few turns until you have an item you're willing to permanently lose in hand. Plus this effect is permanent, so there's no easy removal except by waiting for a deck to be exhausted or playing one of those few cards that remove Hazard Perm-events. The biggest problem with this is it effects both you and your opponent. So the best time to play this is right after you've done a Dragon run, or with a deck that doesn't use Hoard Items much. It's also useful for porting your Wizards decks over to Dragons, helping you to get rid of some of the Dragons deck advantages. So overall, Ireful Flames is a nice (but quite evil) hazard, powerful enough to do your opponent significant harm but unfortunately it affects you too.
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Legolas8.0Farmer Maggot4.0

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