Character: Scout/Sage/Diplomat Man
Mind: 4
Direct Influence: 1
Marshalling Points: 1
Prowess/Body: 0/9

Unique. +2 direct influence against the Men of Dorwinion faction. Against Nazgul, +6 to her prowess, and his body is halved (round up).

Home site: Shrel-kain

Okay, mediocre character, but a possibly decent skill, despite all her disadvantages. The possibly good skill is her +6 prowess against Nazgul, and halving their body. Though 6 prowess isn't enough to defeat a Nazgul's prowess with most of them, halving the body can make it worthwile anyway. Play a couple of enhancers on her, to get her up to 10 or so prowess fighting Nazgul, and she has a chance of getting the huge killing bonus, since several of their bodies (including the Witch-King) are 12, halved to 6, making it quite possible to defeat them and get the points.

She's a great Nazgul-killer, as long as you enhance her. Against anything else, though, she's like a Hobbit, and can like them be killed (or discarded, anyway) by abductor.

The other slightly nice thing is the +2 D.I. for Men of Dorwinion, which is a 3 M.P. faction that has a +1 bonus for Men, and only needs 6 in the influence check. Pretty easy way to get 3 M.P.

Plus, as I said before, you can get those Nazgul bonuses with this, so this card's main purpose is M.P. gathering (and therefore it's almost pointless in a Ring or Kill-the-wizard deck).

However, there are a few problems to go along with the advantages. First, there's the extremely low prowess, making this card an easy target for attacks. The body is high enough so she could take a while to die, but she'll be almost constantly wounded and tapped, making it difficult to get a chance to use her.

Also, her home site, though it doesn't matter too much, is filled with border lands and wildernesses in the site path, making a little trouble with the 2-wilderness creatures and a lot of trouble with Abductors. Still, all things considered, this is a pretty good card for M.P. win decks with lots of enhancers.

Ratings for: GALVA
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