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Wizard Uncloaked

Resource: Short-Event

Spell. Wizard only. Return all hazard permanent-events on characters in your Wizard's company to opponent's hand. Wizard makes a corruption check modified by -2.

This card has the very basic use of clearing up all the corruption cards, permanent-events, etc. that your company has gathered in their many journeys. Fairly fitting to the idea of a wizard getting tempramental, and lashing out at and destroying all the hazards around him. The use of this card is simple, you merely play it as a spell to clear your company of all hazard permanent-events on it. Its spell status makes it recyclable by Saruman and Wizard's Staff, a little bonus for use with Wizards (which are the only characters it can be played by anyway). You can then remove all the corruption cards etc. from your wizard's company's characters. Then the Wizard has to make a -2 corruption check. This last part is the main reason not to play Wizard Uncloaked, making it fairly risky to play it (a corruption check is bad enough, -2 is horrible). Your wizard had better be pretty well prepared corruption-wise before playing this card or else you could very well end up almost commiting suicide with it (force a corruption check on yourself that loses you the game). Even with that, though, this card is often useful. It can be quite handy to get of a few nasty corruption cards before going into a dangerous area where you could very easily get more. Or after leaving a dangerous area, for that matter. The one problem is that your opponent does get the corruption cards back in his hand, though some cards can fix that. Anyway, Wizard Uncloaked is overall a nice utility card that can be useful in many circumstances for removing corruption cards etc.
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